Welcome to My name is Paula Ann and this is my website dedicated helping other CD's deal with understanding and accepting their feminine side. My site also has guides, Tips, and How To's on crossdressing. My site also has articles, commentaries, size & buying guides, and personal videos where I talk candidly about my need to crossdress, and most importantly telling my wife (who became my ex-wife), and then telling my girlfriend. My second wife found out I was a crossdresser when I fell asleep on the couch late one night wearing a full lenth black slip with matching black bra and panties. I guess she felt very hurt and betrayed as she ended up telling our neighbors in an attempt to embarrass me. Needless to say it was all downhill from there... less than 1 year later we were divorced. When I met my current and long time girlfriend of 7 years now, I told her up front when we first got together. I knew that she just might react in the same way as my ex-wife. But to be fair to her I had to risk that. Well one night I finally told her and she replied "I already knew... I am a women I can tell when someone is wearing a bra". I gave her the chance to end our relationship right then but she chose to be with me. Having a girlfriend who knows and accepts my need to crossdress is a very special privilege. Most crossdresser will never be able to tell their spouses/girlfirends/SO's about that side of themselves. If they do find out then its probably the beginning of the end.

The term crossdresser and transvestite for some people mean the same thing, but for those that do dress they clearly have different meanings. I my self know that I am not a transvestite, I am a crossdresser... I like to wear womens clothing. I was 11 years old when for some reason i got the urge to put on a pair of my Moms panties. I remember how good it felt. It felt so good I started to release when I masturbated instead of just shooting blanks. I am sure mom had to have known I was masturbating in her panties because of the stains I left on every pair of her panties I found in the clothes hamper. Not to long after I started doing that, I would put on my sisters panties too. My sister did catch me masturbating with my moms panties on 3 different times. I was so scared she was going to tell our mother but she never did. Years later when we were both in our late 20's she made fun of me many times by calling me a crossdresser and leaving cum stains on Moms panties. She asked if I still masturbated in panties and I ofcourse told her no... but I was really lying about it. I was a crossdresser but I just couldnt understand why I felt such a strong urge to dress in womens clothing. I felt ashamed doing it but I just couldnt stop. I felt that I had as much choice of not wearing womens clothing as a person has of not breathing. It took me years to be ok with the fact that I was a crossdresser. Never at any time did I consider myself a transvestite, I knew I was a crossdresser.. period.

When it comes to womens clothes and shoes, I love all things feminine. A few items I love the most would be garter belts, pantyhose, full & half slips, and high heels. A few of my favorite brands would be Victoria's Secret, Playtex, Maidenform, & Bali. Because I shop online at, I buy name brands for 50% to 75% less than women do. This is no lie... I own more lingerie than most women do! But I didn't pay nearly a much. often has $1 sales where I buy $30 Playtex & Bali bras, $10 Victoria's Secret panties, $50 Ann Taylor & Forever 21 dresses, etc.. for just $1. As far as sizing womens clothing to fit myself, it took me a long time to figure out what sizes in womens clothing I should buy. Alot of the size terms in womens clothes just don't make much sense to a man. Bra size for an example is trial and error at first. After years of buying womens clothing for myself, I know I must have atleast a size 38 bra. Since bras have extra hooks, I can wear up to a 42. When buying dresses, skirts, and slips the rule of thumb for me is to go up 2 sizes. In mens clothing I would need a XL so I would add 2 sizes and buy a womens 2XL. Same goes for womens shoes. In mens shoes I wear a size 10 so when I buy womens high heels, I go up to a size 12. If your new to buying womens clothing or just new to crossdressing, figuring out what size you are in womens clothing will be lots of trial and error. To save your serlf some money while learning womens sizes go to They have lots of great clothing but at really low prices. Thats because they are all one offs... meaning they buy clothing in bulk but there is only one of each item. You can get a $35 name brand bra for $4.99, a $50 name brand dress for $9.99, a $10 pair of panties for $2.99, Victoria's Secret Lingerie for as little as $7.99, and full lenth slips as low as $5.99.

Heres some things to remember as you learn how to properly size yourself in womens clothing...

(1) If your married or have a girlfriend then you can try their clothes on. If they are to to small then go up a size or two depending on how close your are in size to them. If you can almost put on a size 34 bra, then go up to a 36 or 38.
(2) Start out buying the cheapest clothes possible as you learn womens clothing sizing. A great place to go is a thrift store like the Goodwill. Dont be shy just act as if you are buying for your wife or daughter.
(3) Buy clothing such as skirts, dresses, and tops made of stretchy material and stay away from polyester as it doesnt give at all! If you dont get the size perfectly with polyester then it will never stretch out to fit you.
(4) If you dont want to stuff your bra then get a B cup. If you do want to stuff your bra then what cup you want will depend on how big you want to appear.
(5) There is a size chart on most packages of pantyhose... use it! be very careful with pantyhose as they tear easily. Buy the cheapest you can find as you learn how to put them on and take them off without ruining them. Walgreen's has basic pantyhoses for only 59 cents each. Start with those.
(6) Womens shoes run about 2 sizes smaller so if you buy size 9 mens shoes, then your gonna need atleast a size 11 in womens shoes. Dont start with 4 or 5 inch heels. You will have to learn how to walk in heels so start with no more than a 2 inch heel.

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